Artist in Residence: Mahdi Mohammadi

First of all I want to thank PYT for giving us the opportunity to have a residency.

We are going to use the place to make our work which is a movie and  a performance.

We just started by shooting the movie on 28 of December which was exciting.

We had amazing time especially my friends from Afghanistan who were involved as actors.

It was their first experience of acting in a movie and having chat with nice Australian people, so they were really happy and it was a good chance for them to meet with Australians.

This is because they have always tried to have a chat with Australian people but they couldn’t do that.

We just started from airport which reminds us of the first time that we were released from detention center. But this time we were free so it was a good felling about that.

We finished shooting on Manly beach and during shooting we had a great time together which made me and my friends happy, even though most of us are in a not good situation day to day.

Then at the end we had lunch and fun at the beach and I could see real smile in my friends lips which was a good feeling for me.

Then Katie and I started editing the movie in PYT in Fairfield and I was so excited about that.

We  have had some of our friends visit us in PYT to help with editing and comment on the movie.

We are going to have a BBQ in Mount Druitt in  the actors house next week and have a chat again with Afghan refugees.

They are so happy about this idea because they could see each other and talk together and have fun again.

We are also going to have a small interview with some of those people about their experience travelling from their home town to Australia.

This week  Katie and I are starting to work on the performance and I’m going to direct Katie which will be fun. This is a good feeling, but I am also nervous because we have been friends for some time and now I have to direct her.