Transcending time zones, lockdown restrictions and filmed by each artist using just their mobiles, Playlist Bersama explores the lived experience of young women across two distinct cultures and all that they have in common.

Throughout May 2020, during the peak of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, Playlist Bersama brought together 12 artists and performers from across Australia and Indonesia to collaborate on the production of a brand new video work.

Direction/Choreography Larissa McGowen
Co-Devisors & Performers Ningrum Syaukat, Rummana Yamanie, Kartika Jahja, Ebube Uba, Mara Knezevic, Tasha O’Brien, May Tran, Neda Taha, Larissa McGowen with Kate Armstrong Smith and Karen Therese.
Editor Kate Blackmore
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We asked the artists to tell us what they took out of the experience and here is what they said:

Despite the physical distance, I grew very close to Tika, Rummana and Ningrum and listening to their stories and experiences deeply impacted and enriched my perspective on female artists.
Mara Knezevic (Performer, Australia)

Working with an all-female team is already phenomenal, but for me, being able to learn from older, more experienced South-East Asian artists was beyond rewarding, beyond words.
May Tran (Performer, Australia)

We need to be sensitive to and listen openly to other cultures as people have different lived experiences and we can’t expect people to react to things in the same way we do when we’ve all had different upbringings and different values instilled in us.
Tasha O’Brien (Performer, Australia)

It was a mind opening for me to hear from women with various cultural backgrounds. It was not just a project, it was a knowledgeable place and one place that I didn’t fear being myself.
Ningrum Syaukat (Performer, Indonesia)

It has brought to light the truth behind the vulnerabilities we hold quietly and validated the need to connect and discuss with women of all cultures, backgrounds and experiences.
Larissa McGowan (Choreographer, Australia)

Bersama translates to together, or ‘in collaboration’. I want people to see the creative and emotional bond between these women, despite us being oceans apart and isolated from one another.
Kartika Jahja (Performer, Indonesia)

Playlist Bersama is an international partnership between PYT Fairfield (Australia) and the BERSAMA Foundation (Indonesia).

PYT Fairfield is proudly supported by the Australian Council for the Arts and the NSW Government through Create NSW.

Image Credit: Film Still from Playlist Bersama

In June, PYT and Critical Path invited three Western Sydney artists to participate in WHY IS THIS CONTEMPORARY? a research lab that makes space for different dance and movement practices in our culture to share and work together.

Facilitated by Martin del Amo, the lab supported Anna Kuroda, Eliam Royalness and Neda Taha to examine and expand their individual practices, and and consider how these practices sit in relation to contemporary art contexts.

WATCH the video below to hear about the artists’ experience during this residency.

WHY IS THIS CONTEMPORARY? is a three-year partnership between PYT Fairfield and Critical Path.

PYT is proudly supported by the Australian Council for the Arts and the NSW Government through Create NSW.

Image Credit: Courtesy of the Artists’

We are seeking an experienced Producer to lead on the delivery of PYT’s major projects, working closely with PYT’s Executive Director and Artistic Director. See a variety of projects through from conception to presentation, from funding, planning, budgeting and contracting to project management, scheduling, logistics and evaluation.

In addition, this role is responsible for key day-to-day operational tasks, including financial and company management.

PYT Fairfield is a dynamic arts company located in Western Sydney, we encourage experienced Arts Managers with a history of living or working in the region to apply.

For more information and to download the job description, click HERE.
Applications are due Friday, 17 July 2020.

For all queries, please contact PYT Executive Director Katy Green Loughrey on

Image Credit: Daniel Boud

18 March 2020

PYT Fairfield recognises the need to act urgently to avert the spread of COVID-19.

On monitoring the government’s current advice, and in the best interest of our artists, staff, audience and community, we have chosen to practice social distancing and self-isolation, in an effort to help flatten the curve of COVID-19 cases.

This means that our venue, the Fairfield School of Arts, will be closed from today for a minimum of 4 weeks. Closing our doors includes cancelling any planned events, rescheduling rehearsals and putting a pause to all workshop programs and venue hires.

Currently our touring plans for PLAYLIST are in flux as we work to comply with the government legislation and the latest health advice. Meanwhile, our Biennale of Sydney project FUNPARK will be postponed until a later date.

Our core staff – Karen, Katy, Margie, Alice and Daisy – will be working from home during this time, and any travel plans for the next few months have ceased.

The best method to contact PYT during the closure is by email –

This is an unprecedented time for our company, the impact will be felt hard across the arts sector and our wider community, and we believe we are upholding our social responsibility and working in everyone’s best interests when making these decisions.

We encourage everyone to please take care of themselves, their families and communities, and to stay alert and follow government advice. For those working in the industry, learn about emergency support services available to you by following Live Performance Australia, Theatre Network Australia and the Australian Arts amidst COVID-19 Facebook Group.

Thank you for your understanding and we look forward to welcoming you back to PYT sometime soon.

Karen, Katy, Margie, Alice and Daisy

PYT Fairfield is thrilled to be pitching ACTION STAR at the Australian Performing Arts Market (APAM) as part of Asia TOPA later this month on February 25.

Fusing martial arts, dance, storytelling and film, ACTION STAR is a new solo dance-theatre performance that details the life and work of celebrated Western Sydney artist and international action movie star, Maria Tran.

PYT’s Artistic Director Karen Therese, Executive Director Katy Green Loughrey, and Maria herself will be sharing the work with leading presenters and producers from around the globe.

APAM is an industry gathering designed to showcase the best of Australian and New Zealand contemporary performance nationally and internationally.

Date & Time February 25, 12 – 1.30pm
Location Meat Market, 3 Blackwood St, North Melbourne VIC 3051
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Image Credit: Film still – Film by Zanny Begg

We sat down with Bernadette Fam (PYT Fairfield’s 2020 Artist-in-Residence) to ask about her plans for the next 12 months, what she hopes for the residency and what exciting project she is working towards.

How are you going to spend the next 12 months at PYT?

I will be focusing on developing my first full length solo work The Love Song Of… whilst also hopefully developing my skills as a theatre maker and director.

Tell us a bit more about The Love Song Of…

The Love Song Of… will be a one woman show following the epic timeline of my father’s life. As both a child of immigrant parents, and a child whose father had her when he was 60 years old, I have found myself in my past couple of years realising my absolute lack of knowledge in regards to my father’s life prior to his life with me. I’m changing that. What also has struck me is how strongly I grasped onto and romanticised every thread of information I’ve gotten and how significantly that information changes when passed through person to person to person. It’ll be a story about life, about legacy, and about celebrating the too-good-to-be-true-but-it-actually-is life of my dad.

Why have you chosen theatre as the medium to tell this personal story? 

The power of theatre for me is it’s innate ability to connect with the here and now. For me, I love that theatre gives the opportunity to have a conversation with the audience and share details so intimate which would otherwise be lost if it were through a screen or earphones. For me, there is no platform more soul bearing.

What are your hopes for this residency?

I hope to write a lot. Create a lot. And dive into the deep end constantly. I’m a keen bean to push my craft further than I have before whether that be in writing, theatre making or directing. For me, The Love Song Of… is an incredible important personal work and I would love to have it developed and to have had a showing by the end of the year, however I also think it’s super important to give it the time it needs to truly thrive.

Where can we next see your work?
Oooo… I have a couple of super cool projects coming up but they’re also all still super secret… Can I get back to you in a couple of months? What I can say is that I’m very, very excited

About Bernadette Fam

Bernadette Fam is an emerging Arabic-Australian theatre maker, director, writer and creative producer. Since graduating from Sydney Theatre School in 2017, she has been a member of the PYT Ensemble 2019, NToP’s Playwrights of Parramatta, KXT’s Step Up and DTC’s Emerging Theatre Makers. She is also the Associate Creative Producer for Green Door Theatre Company.

As a writer Bernadette is currently developing Middle Where? (Create NSW’s Young Creative Leader’s Fellowship) and recently attended The National Studio (Australian Theatre for Young People).

Image Credit: Emma Silwanis

PLAYLIST at Sydney Opera House
Image Credit: Daniel Boud

1. PLAYLIST was presented at the Sydney Opera House for Festival UnWrapped to acclaim and full houses.

2. PLAYLIST was PYT’s third show at the SYDNEY OPERA HOUSE in less than 4 years, the only small-to-medium theatre company in the country to achieve this.

3. We facilitated a 12 week women’s Weaving project and exhibition with our local, First Nations elders and the local Iraqi women’s group – and it was beautiful and amazing.

4. 2019 saw the most dedicated, proactive and biggest PYT Ensemble ever. They independently produced two shows one for Sydney Fringe and one presented at PYT Fairfield.

2019 PYT Ensemble 
Image Credit: Alex Wisser

5. Best and most attended PILOTS program ever in 2019

6. In 2019 PYT employed and trained 8 co-pilots to teach performing arts in local high schools.

7. PYT toured around Australia for the first time with JUMP FIRST ASK LATER produced by Performing Lines.

8. PYT staff extended from 4 to 5 people – 2 full time and 3 part-time, with a new Company Manager position held by the amazing Alice Hatton.

9. FUNPARK after 6 years is still going and is now run by Daisy Montalvo who 7 years ago was a high school student and participant of the first FUNPARK – and now runs the joint!

10. PYT started a really critically amazing and transformative partnership with the Parramatta Female Factory Precinct.

Women of Parramatta, Long Table 2019
Image Credit: Cass Hannagan

11. (We’ve added one more point because that’s what we do at PYT) We had 5 new works in development including our major work ACTION STAR with Maria Tran, Dorr-E Dari with Mahdi Mohammadi and Jawad Yacoubi, Carpet Stories by Najee Tannous and Showreel by Jackson Stewart and we made a show in a god damn swimming pool for the Cementa Festival in Kandos directed by Tessa Leong.

And THAT was 2019!!!!!!

Written by
Karen Therese
Artistic Director

The artists of WHY IS IT ART? have just completed their two week choreographic residency where they explored how their own practice relates to other modes of movement practice and a broader context of ‘contemporary art’.

We asked Maria Tran, Larissa McGowan and Eliam Royalness what the residency has taught them about their own arts practice. Their responses are shared in these videos.

WHY IS IT ART? is a three-year partnership with Critical Path that explores contemporary dance practice in Western Sydney and aims to make space for different movement practices in our culture to share and work together. To find out more about the project, click here.

Maria Tran – 

Maria Tran is an Australian-born Vietnamese actress, martial artist, producer, writer and director. She is known for developing the martial arts action film genre in Australia via the Asian diaspora communities of Western Sydney.


Larissa McGowan –

Larissa is a highly acclaimed dancer and choreographer based in Adelaide, South Australia. Larissa began working with PYT in 2018 when she choreographed PLAYLIST, directed by Karen Therese, which has since been presented by Sydney Opera House’s Festival UnWrapped program. In 2019, she is working with PYT again to develop ACTION STAR.


Eliam Royalness –

Eliam Royalness is a choreographer & performer from Sydney’s south-west and has been creating and performing dance works since his early teenage years. He is the creator and director of New South Wales’ number 1 mega hip-hop company, The Pioneers MC, who have represented Australia at Hip-Hop International in 2014 and 2015, in the U.S.


WHY IS IT ART? is a partnership project between PYT I Fairfield and Critical Path

PYT is proudly supported by the Australian Council for the Arts and the NSW Government through Create NSW.

Image Credit: Daisy Montalvo

Films by: Daisy Montalvo

Throughout July 2019, Najee Tannous was supported to develop his new theatre work CARPET STORIES through our PYT Residency program.

CARPET STORIES shares Middle Eastern LGBTQI narratives of bravery and courage through personal storytelling and video. CARPET STORIES empowers the authentic experiences of Middle Eastern Australian and refugees seeking liberation.

Najee commenced the project with a workshop, supported by ACON, for Middle Eastern LGBTQI individuals to meet others, and share their stories and experiences in a safe space. Najee met Mustafa Al-Mahdi through this workshop, who became the performer/co-devisor of the work, and together with their project mentor Karen Therese, the team began to explore such a significant topic.

Najee said that during the first development of CARPET STORIES, “my knowledge of Middle Eastern queerness broadened as the complexities of marrying the two quickly unveiled the harsh realities and courageous journeys individuals had experienced in the quest to seek equilibrium in their lives.”

His hopes for the future work is to “continue facilitating these workshops and work alongside Middle Eastern communities and queer organisations.” Najee envisions that the show will be accompanied by a book with anonymous stories that come from the experiences of those participating in his workshops. He will also look at other ways to facilitate “conversation starters surrounding the intersection of Queerness and Middle Eastern Cultures/identities… to unpack different perspectives and ideologies.”

PYT Residency program supported the development of three new works by emerging Western Sydney theatre makers.

PYT Residencies is supported by SBW Foundation and Crack Festival.

Image Credit: Katy Green Loughrey

 The Parramatta Female Factory Precinct (PFFP) and PYT Fairfield are forging a pioneering new partnership to explore the Australian experience of institutions for women and young people through the program ‘Women of Parramatta.’   

The program opened with it’s first event on Tuesday 25th June, a LONG TABLE hosted by Bonny Djuric, Brianna Munting and Karen Therese. The event was an invitation only to the partners of Women of Parramatta on the site of the former Parramatta Girls Home.

The PFFP sets out to bring public engagement, critical awareness and cultural activity to the Parramatta Female Factory site. PYT Fairfield continues its practice in making brave and transformative artistic work. Together, we will employ collaborative artistic practice as a major way for the Stolen Generation and Forgotten Australians to connect with each other. The Parramatta site will ultimately be transformed into a space dedicated to women’s cultural practice.

Partners and attendees included Erin Wilkins and Leanne Watson Darug Custodian Aboriginal Corporation, Jiva Parthipan STARTTS, Rev. Keith Hamilton Parramatta Mission, artists Zanny Begg and Donna Abela who gave a talk on recovering freedom and her recent experiences in Chile.

An excerpt from Donna Abela’s Long table presentation.

“Why write? Why make art? Why follow this urge? … Because art can recover freedom … reclaim and revive debased places and bodies … assert ethical memory … serve as an ethical reference point … draw a line in the sand … Because art can pull the plug on despicable myths … activate new propositions and stories … celebrate life … acknowledge loss … Because – to borrow a phrase from Chilean feminists – it can contribute to the task of preserving the species … Because what is typed – or sung or made or performed or played or painted – can outlive the dictator, the censor, the copper, abductor, the bureaucrat, the Reverend Mother, the legislator who tomorrow might outlaw your need, your poverty, your race, your language, your union, your love for your wife.” 

The event raised issues on how we heal site of conscience, what is the role of communities, of art and what are our responsibilities as custodians of place, history and of each other? As the conversations progressed the importance women’s agency and healing for women in the past, for women in the future became apparent. Together we are finding new ways that will support models of artistic development, creating spaces and mechanisms for intimate engagement and collective action.

Stay tuned for our next planned events.

Image credit: Cass Hannagan