Past Projects

In collaboration with Belvoir St Theatre and the Afghan artistic community, we present Art for Afghanistan, a series of short video reflections that celebrate… [Read More]

CARPET STORIES uncovers the LGBTQI narrative of bravery and courage This work in development is a multi-disciplinary work that empowers… [Read More]

“What a riveting hour of entertainment and insights. Not only acrobatic feats that amaze and impress but revealing stories from… [Read More]

PYT Fairfield worked with Parents Cafe and Fairfield City local Aboriginal Land Council affiliated womens group, Guntawang Inc. to deliver an… [Read More]

Presented by PYT Fairfield, this season of Iraqi inspired performances, art installations, music and storytelling is set within a unique dinner… [Read More]

“Electrifying and every synonym thereof.” Sydney Arts Guide Beyoncé meets the Women’s marches. PLAYLIST is a compelling dance-theatre work exploring… [Read More]

ENFLAME is an unannounced, guerrilla-style intervention for events, festivals, foyers, conferences & openings. Constructed as a modular series of actions, ENFLAME deals with… [Read More]

You’re invited to jump into SWIMMING POOL, a site-responsive theatre performance at Kandos public pool. SWIMMING POOL brings together emerging… [Read More]

“…unquestionably powerful … theatrical magic” — Welcome to the Australian Truth and Reconciliation Tribunal we’ve never had. Artists, lawyers, leaders… [Read More]

Pagoda Parkour brings Fairfield’s young urban, and culturally diverse parkour and street style dancers to a remote Australian bushland environment. A parkour… [Read More]