Food is a rich universal language…

We use it to store our memories, visit the stories of our ancestors, and paint our lost homes.

We use food to turn strangers into friends, and to learn about their ancestors. Food is a rich language that transcends cultural and language barriers. It excites our senses, but requires no language or perquisites. We understand it on an emotional level.

Food is often the first handshake between cultures, so here we are extending our arms.

– Mustafa Al Mahdi

Mustafa Al Mahdi is an Iraqi- Australian artist using the mediums of film, food, illustration and live performance to tell stories of family, culture, love and belonging.

For Fairfield Food Safari (working title), PYT Fairfield’s new live performance work, Mustafa takes audiences on an intimate journey through the streets of Fairfield, exploring place, community and identity through a series of local encounters. Arrive hungry. 

Fairfield Food Safari is currently in development.

Written and hosted by Mustafa Al Mahdi
Co-Created by Mustafa Al Mahdi and Karen Therese

Development History
2021 – PYT Fairfield

The development of Fairfield Food Safari is supported by the Australian Council for the Arts and NSW Government through Create NSW.

Image Credit: Alex Wisser