“Katma” – is a slang term used back home in Sudan to describe our parties, meaning “suffocation/no room for breathing”.

Katma aims to explore party and club culture, drawing inspiration from parties back home, parties in Sydney (Soul of Sydney, Freedom Session), and parties from back in the day (The Loft parties in New York, Warehouse Parties in Chicago, and the rave parties in UK).

Katma explores elements from those parties, translating the essences of this cultural movement elevating it into a dance theatre context.

Concept + Lead Artist Azzam Mohamed
Mentor Charemaine Seet
Composer Jack Prest
Dancer Jackson Garcia
Dancer Geny Nvz
Dancer Angelica Osuji
Dancer Lydia Kivela
Dancer Jamie Kha
Interviewee Jackie L Barros
Interviewee Laura White
Interviewee Adam Warburton
Interviewee Doug Elki

Development History
2022 – PYT Fairfield, ReadyMade Works


Azzam Mohamed, also known as Shazam, is a dancer, performer, and educator from Sudan.

In 2019 Azzam and his crew Riddim Nation were invited by choreographer, Nick Power, to develop and perform Two Crews, in collaboration with Paris-based HipHop crew, Lady Rocks.

Two Crews was premiered at Sydney and Adelaide Festivals in 2020. Recently, he co-created and premiered his first full choreographic piece The Risk of Hyperbole in December 2021 at Phoenix Gallery in a collaborative project with Australian composer and director Jack Prest, and installation artists and co-creators Joe Wilson and Chanelle Collier.

Recently, Azzam was invited to perform as part of Monumental performance program at the Art Gallery of NSW in April 2022.

Katma is proudly supported by the Australian Council for the Arts, the NSW Government through Create NSW and Fairfield City Council. It is supported by Crown and Packer Foundation and Readymade Works.