Liliana Occhiuto at Maritime Museum x Vivid Ideas

Presented by Vivid Ideas in association with The Australian National Maritime Museum, PYT’s artist in residence Liliana Occhiuto be joining Blacktown Arts to present Our Place.

Our Place showcases a vibrant and interactive program of live performances, music, film, workshops, conversation and more.

WHEN: 12pm – 7pm, Saturday 18th June 2022
WHERE: Australian National Maritime Museum

Entry is free all day.


Heritage is a podcast that aims to honour the lives of heroic female figures within the Fairfield region.

Having stories solely sourced from elderly women with cultural significance to Fairfield, this work aims to capture the stories of migrants, mothers, rebels and freedom fighters. Told over 10 episodes, this podcast aims to celebrate the lives of these women through the use of historically charged audio stories, complete with immersive soundscapes to reflect the nature of each episode.


Liliana is an emerging queer artist based and working within Western Sydney who specialises in creating multi-disciplinary artworks crafted to evoke empathy through sensory immersion. Throughout her art career, she has created works suited to various art purposes, including; gallery spaces, film, theatre, podcasts and standalone pieces.

Liliana has utilised creative solutions to make works that have served communal purposes. Be it via education, collaboration or active consultation with local arts bodies and organisations, she has repeatedly showcased her abilities to be a creative force capable of creating engaging works suited for various purposes.

Liliana was a former member of the PYT Ensemble, as well as a current PYT artist in residence.