In partnership with Western-Sydney megacrew, The Pioneers, PIONEERS is PYT Fairfield’s new major dance work. 

PIONEERS bring young queer and CALD Western-Sydney artists together to explore dance, activism and identity through the contemporary social, psychological and physical relationships they have with public space. 

PIONEERS is currently in development.

Performer/Co-Creator/ Concept Eliam Royalness
Concept/ Collaborator Karen Therese
Choreographer Larissa McGowan
Performer/ Devisor Jamaica Moana
Performer/ Devisor Neda Taha
Performer/ Devisor  Rennard Velasco
Performer/ Devisor Roseleen Maano
Performer/ Devisor Rochene Cassidy
Performer/ Devisor Bianca Hu
Production Stage Manager Patrick Howard

Development History
2020 – PYT Fairfield

ACTION STAR is proudly supported by the Australian Council for the Arts and the NSW Government through Create NSW.

Image credit: Anna Kucera