“Electrifying and every synonym thereof.” Sydney Arts Guide

Beyoncé meets the Women’s marches.

PLAYLIST is a compelling dance-theatre work exploring the state of feminisms in pop culture and music today. Full of suburban dreams and pop star fantasies, it is a call to action about the critical issues of our times.

Living in the #MeToo world, PLAYLIST explores the experiences, ideas and power of young women and asks, ‘who is going to shape the future for women in Australia?’

PLAYLIST received a Helpmann Nomination for Best Visual or Physical Theatre Production, 2019.

Director Karen Therese
Dramaturg Kate Armstrong-Smith
Choreographer Larissa McGowan
Set design Zanny Begg
Sound Gail Priest and Jasmine Guffond
Lighting Verity Hampson
Stage Manager Patrick Howard
Performers/Co-Devisors Ebube Uba, May Tran, Tasha O’Brien, Mara Knezevic and Neda Taha

To find out more about our cast and crew click HERE.

Tour History
2019 – Festival Unwrapped, Sydney Opera House
2018 – PYT Fairfield

PLAYLIST is supported by Catalyst – Australian Arts and Culture Fund, The Seaborn, Broughton & Walford Foundation, Australian Council for the Arts and the NSW Government through Create NSW

Image credit: Alex Wisser