Liz Ann MacGregor — Director of the MCA. From the Orkney Islands to one of Australia’s largest art galleries.

Where Are You From? is a new Podcast series by PYT Fairfield that asks artists, cultural leaders and performers how their homes, histories and cultures shape their work.

Liz Ann MacGregor, OBE

Liz Ann MacGregor runs one of Australia’s largest contemporary art galleries, the MCA. But as a young girl growing up in the Orkney Islands of Scotland she was discouraged from ‘wasting a good brain’ studying the arts. This week on WAYF we sit down with her to discuss how where she has come from informs the work she does as a passionate advocate for the arts right across greater Sydney.

WAYF is produced by PYT Fairfield.

Host: Karen Therese, PYT Artistic Director

Producer: Caitlin Gibson, PYT Associate Producer

Music composed by Doug Wright.