Linda Luke blogs about her residency in Fairfield, developing her new dance work Still Point Turning

June 19 – July 3rd

I’ve had the wonderful pleasure and privilege to be invited by Powerhouse Youth Theatre to conduct a residency to work on my upcoming solo dance work STILL POINT TURNING which will premiere in Melbourne in just a few months time. And what a pleasure it has been to be here in the studio, spending time and space to finalise the choreographic elements and to work with my design team to complete the staging of the work.

Fairfield is the best place to visit. At PYT, every day there is activity. Mothers and babies meetings; the Nine Lives Team parkour boys n girls meeting almost daily and committing to their grueling training to keep them at their very best for performances. The wonderful PYT ensemble whom I’ve had the pleasure to work with during my time here (as well as a stint last year on the production The Violence Project). Artists and arts workers of all manner dropping in for a meeting and cup of tea… An utter hive of activity. And the food is fantastic. I especially loved Linda’s, a Persian restaurant with my very own name J

Linda at Lindas

A little more about STILL POINT TURNING…

Still Point Turning is a synthesis of dance, video, sound and installation. I did the very first development a number of years ago in Los Angeles when I was on a dance residency there. Then last year, I picked it up again and have been working in a number of stages to finish the piece.

The work was inspired by TS Eliot’s poem Burnt Norton

My favorite line was:

 At the still point, there the dance is…

That made me think a lot about stillness and movement and dance and so, Still Point Turning was birthed. The piece explores perceptions of time, stillness, and turbulence and reflects upon the fragmented and transient nature of contemporary culture, alluding to euro centric history and our obsession with ‘clock’ time. Juxtaposing this, it also reflects on the nature of cosmic time, the eternal cycle of living and dying, and that deep – yet elusive – silence that resides in every one of us.

Still Point Turning will also have a season at Parramatta Riverside Theatre, 27 – 29th November 2014. For further information go to

Choreographer/Performer                                                                                    Linda Luke

Composer                                                                                                                   Vic McEwan

Video Artist                                                                                                                Martin Fox

Lighting Designer                                                                                                      Clytie Smith

Designer                                                                                                                     Justine Shih-Pearson

Choreographic Consultant                                                                                     Tess de Quincey

Producer                                                                                                                    Artful Management

STILL POINT TURNING is funded by the NSW government through Trade and Investment Arts NSW and is supported by the Department for Performance Studies – University of Sydney.

(Photo: Mayu Kanamori)