PYT Residencies

PYT I Fairfield will support three new works-in-development through it’s residency program.


A Poetic Crash Course in the Language of Love

Created by Mahdi Mohammadi and Jawad Yacoubi with Paul Dwyer

Jawad and Mahdi want to know what love is. Don’t we all? Time to switch off the dating apps, step out of the nightclub for a night, and get in tune with the rhythms of a thousand year-strong tradition of courtly Dari love poetry. Rest assured: there is a verse for every condition of the heart, no matter how catastrophic.


Created by Najee Tannous with Mustafa Al-Mahdi and Jasmine Noud.

CARPET STORIES uncovers the LGBTQI narrative of bravery and courage. A multi-disciplinary work that empowers the authentic experiences of Middle Eastern Australians and refugees seeking liberation.


Created by Jackson Stewart

Due to not having an actual showreel,  Jackson Stewart will present his full range of abilities. For his residency, Jackson will continue to develop his suite of comic characters to bring together a stand-up performance of pure fun.

PYT Residencies is supported by SBW Foundation.

Image Credit: Katy Green Loughrey