STORIES WE NEVER TELL is a performative walking tour taking audiences, for the first time ever, through an intimate journey of the stories, histories and transformation of the Parramatta Female Factory Precinct. Presented as part of the Biennale of Sydney 2020, this project facilitate the telling of stories that claim a physical and cultural space for women, remember lived experiences and resilience, and anticipates the futures of feminisms and female agency.

Stories will be told from first hand and cross-cultural perspectives from First Nations, Refugee and Forgotten Australian women who will connect with each other, and call to account contemporary manifestations of xenophobia, inequality and institutional irresponsibility. Audiences will be encouraged to reflect on these diverse Australian histories and contemporary realities to challenge and transform institutional practices.

STORIES WE NEVER TELL will also include FORMS, a new site-specific performance installation exploring young people’s responses and lived experiences of contemporary institutions.

The tour will culminate with a celebratory garden party. The Garden Party, led by the Darug and Iraqi communities is a unique, immersive experience combining the collective cultures, art, food and music.

STORIES WE NEVER TELL is co-produced by Parramatta Female Factory Precinct (PFFP) and PYT Fairfield and is a part of the WOMEN OF PARRAMATTA project.

WOMEN OF PARRAMATTA is about place. It is an activation of Australia’s first Site of Conscience connecting Forgotten Australians, Stolen Generations, refugee and asylum seeker communities across Western Sydney. This partnership will present a series of performance evenings, cultural and community events and major works, transforming a former institution into a women’s gathering place. WOMEN OF PARRAMATTA will be developing leading practices of memory, care, cultural and social healing.

Women of Parramatta is supported by the NSW Government through Create NSW and the Australian Council for the Arts

Image Credit: Cass Hannagan