SUBURBIST discrimination against a person or persons who live in a particular suburb of a town or city
SUBURBIST, a new Australian play exploring identity, passion & prejudice in Sydney’s suburbs.
17 — 29 October

Devised and directed by Kate Worsley in collaboration with the PYT Ensemble, SUBURBIST weaves interviews and recordings from real people living across the city into a contemporary new theatre work exploring and challenging the prejudices that divide Sydney and its suburbs.

“So, if you live west, when you get up in the morning to drive to the city, you have the sun in your eyes
as it graciously and gloriously comes over the horizon in the east, so you have to squint on your way to work.
Then when you finish, and have to drive home, conveniently it’s setting right over
your house in the far west and again, you have to squint as you drive home. So we call them squinters. People in the west.”
– SUBURBIST interviewee

The PYT Ensemble are a select group of outstanding young performers aged 17yrs – 26yrs from Western and South Western Sydney. Including young people who identify as Australian, first or second generation immigrants, and refugees from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds.

Co-creators Julian Larnach and Kate Worsley, devised with the PYT Ensemble.
Director Kate Worsley
Dramaturg Julian Larnach
Sound Ben Pierpoint
Lighting Design Andy Ko
Set & costume design Amanda McNamara

PYT Ensemble Monica Kumar, David Robertts, Luke Cignarella, Sophea Op, Lap Nguyen, Mahdi Mohammadi, Pedro Schweinitz, Nyasha Kanyimo and Belle Kringas


PYT, 21st October 7pm – 8:30pm



Suggested for Years 9-12

SUBURBIST will be presented at The Fairfield School of Arts from 18th — 20th October, with school shows daily at 11.30am. An interactive education pack will be distributed to attending local schools to engage students, asking them to produce short written responses engaging with themes raised by suburbism. Some responses will be incorporated into the school performances so that the students will hear their ideas communicated on stage.

Education resources available to participating schools HERE

School Shows: Tuesday & Thursday 11.30am, Wednesday 1.30pm

Contact Caitlin for booking information and pricing at

HSC Drama: Group Project: Performance
HSC English: Area of Study: Discovery
HSC English: Experience Through Language: Distinctive Voices