Support the Parents Cafe: GoFundMe campaign

SUPPORT THE PARENTS CAFE – acknowledged by the United Nations as one of the best refugee resettlement programs in the world.


The Parents Cafe is a social enterprise and critical community hub, which is at threat of closure if more funding is not found. Working with up to 200 refugee parents and community members each week, the Parents Cafe provides employment opportunities, skills development, links to further education and important opportunities for social inclusion and belonging.

PYT Fairfield is working closely with the Parents Cafe to raise funds to ensure their ongoing support of new arrivals, particularly from Iraq and Syria, to the Fairfield community.

$150,000 will cover the core funding costs of the Parents Cafe for a full year, giving them the time and resources to raise further funds to ensure their sustainability.

PYT and STARTTS are partnering with the Parents Cafe to create a unique dinner party event Little Baghdad: Cafes and Gardens. This season of Iraqi inspired performances, art installations, music and storytelling within a unique dinner party setting, brings together members of the Fairfield refugee community, artists and audiences, and has inspired PYT to create this GoFundMe Campaign, which they are running on behalf of the Parents Cafe.