Your donation to PYT will support the creation of new work, artist development and nurturing of the next generation of theatre makers from Western Sydney — to ensure that Australia’s cultural future is inclusive and reflective of its true diversity.

The generosity of individuals underpins our strength, independence and success – Thank You!

Artists have always relied on the support of individuals and organisations to help them build, nurture and deliver their unique stories which allow us as the audience, to change the way we view the world.

The impact of the work at PYT | Fairfield is multi-layed. We create creative experiences for new and existing audiences, build skills and provide opportunities to young and emerging Western Sydney artists and young people to help them build confidence, improve communication skills and grow self worth. Being a teenager has never been easy. Being a teenager in a new country where you have limited language skills is even harder.

The company has connected and worked with an amazing range of people over its history and we are looking forward to continuing to grow and provide meaningful connections, life changing opportunities and a real impact on the cultural future of our community.

As a registered charity with DRG status any donation above $2 are tax deductible. To donate quickly and safely online, please click on the ‘Make a Donation’ button below and follow the prompts.