The Fairfield City region is one of the most culturally diverse regions in Australia, with more than half of the residents (56%) having been born overseas. Most residents speak a language other than English at home, with the top ten most common being Vietnamese, Assyrian/Aramaic, Arabic, Cantonese, Khmer, Spanish, Mandarin, Italian, Serbian and Croation, respectively. With 125 nationalities amongst its 208,000 residents it’s the very definition of multiculturalism.

With such a diverse range of nationalities in one area, Fairfield has one of the best and most unique food scenes in Sydney. There are many restaurants, bakeries and delis in Fairfield, so if you come to PYT, you need to make sure you do a little food shopping and leave with a bag full of treats. Some of our favorites include Aladdin’s Sweets, Green Peppercorn, Paula’s Chilean Bakery, Franks Lebanese Restaurant, Il Iraqi, Kebab Abu Ali and more.

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