2023 Artist In Residence Hasiba Ebrahimi

Congratulations to Hasiba Ebrahimi for being selected as PYT Fairfield 2023 EOI Residency recipient. Hasiba was highly selected by our Artistic Alliance in a very competitive round of applications. Hasiba will work with our Creative Producers to develop her new horror-comedy-musical theatre show, based on Afghan folklore, celebrating wild women and is a reflection of the old scary stories that are passed down by generations that still affect us today. Watch this space!

About Hasiba

Hasiba Ebrahimi is one of Afghanistan’s most talented actresses. She was recognised by the film fraternity in Iran as one of the top five most enduring actresses’ from the 2000s and has played leading roles in several internationally recognised films. 

Hasiba gave a daring performance in one of Afghanistan’s more controversial films The Bird Was Not a Bird (2015). Too risky to show locally, this film premiered at Sundance, and then went on to Canada International Film Festival, Toronto Independent Film festival, La Festival of Cinema in Italy, and the Official Selection at All Lights International Film Festival, India.Now residing in Western Sydney, Hasiba had her Australian theatre debut performance of PYT Fairfield’s Dorr-e Dari: A poetic crash course in the language of love at The Sydney Opera House and Arts Centre Melbourne.