Sydney WorldPride: PIONEERS (A preview season)

Image Credit: Anna Kucera

PYT Fairfield, in association with Sydney WorldPride, presents
Pioneers: A preview season

PIONEERS brings young queer and CALD Western-Sydney artists together to explore dance, activism, and identity through the contemporary social, psychological, and physical relationships with public space. 

As the artists from PIONEERS claim their space and time, they will invite audiences to participate in their activism as the event culminates into a collective dance. The dance will invigorate and reinforce optimism, freedom and reclaim the beauty and urgency of young people’s survival in the 21st century.

With love and dedication to dance – second to none – The Pioneers are Australia’s bravest dance crew.

Choreographer Eliam Royalness, Larissa McGowan
Performer/ Devisors Jamaica Moana, Neda Taha, Rennard Velasco, Roseleen Maano, Eliam Royalness
Music Jamaica Moana
Video Artist Feras Shaheen
Lighting Design Elyse Drenth
Mentor Nick Powers
Production Manager Joshua O’Connor
Producer PYT Fairfield – Gabriela Green Olea
Associate Producer PYT Fairfield – Daisy Montalvo

The Crescent Plaza, Fairfield
51-61 The Crescent, Fairfield (Opposite Fairfield Station)

Wednesday 15 February 2023, 7.30pm
Thursday 16 February 2023, 7.30pm
Saturday 18 February 2023, 7.30pm

$10 per person

All ages

Image description: 4 dancers wearing street clothes stand side by side in different poses, under a bridge.

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