Creative Developments

“So this is it? What are we supposed to do with this?” إذن هذا هو؟ ما الذي يفترض بنا أن… [Read More]

PYT Fairfield’s 2022 Ensemble and Company proudly present Khair (خير): An Omen, A Message, A Blessing. Azita and Sosan are… [Read More]

“Katma” – is a slang term used in Sudan to describe parties. Its literal meaning is “suffocation/no room for breathing”. Katma… [Read More]

Crashing, splintering, and exploding – we collide. Collision is a new theatre work by the queer, disabled and groovy duo… [Read More]

Kady grew up in a military family. Her Mum and Dad were always in uniform and Holsworthy Barracks was practically… [Read More]

It’s 1976. Howzat’s No.1 on the charts. Industries are booming and it’s the migrant women cashing in. Pavica, a young… [Read More]

In partnership with Western-Sydney megacrew, The Pioneers, PIONEERS is PYT Fairfield’s new major dance work.  PIONEERS bring young queer and CALD Western-Sydney artists… [Read More]