Sydney WorldPride: Collision: Crashing, Splintering and Exploding, we Collide (A work-in-progress event)

Image Credit: Anna Kucera

PYT Fairfield, in association with Sydney WorldPride, presents
Collision: Crashing, Splintering and Exploding, we Collide.

A viewing, workshop and discussion by the queer, disabled and groovy duo – Low Standards, otherwise known as twins Bedelia Lowrenčev and Jeremy Lowrenčev. This workshop and discussion, explores their work-in-progress Collision and the intersectionality between their queerness and crip time. Audiences will come together to explore multiple marginalised worlds, making work in Western Sydney and dancing to the beat of your own drum.

Collision is a deep dive into the intersection of Queerness and Disability, and what it means to ricochet between the two. It is difference and togetherness through the micro and macro, from Bedelia and Jeremy’s ‘twin-dom’, to the culture and dynamics of entire communities. It is Bedelia and Jeremy’s stories, in their ways. 

Collision. It’s Disabled, it’s Queer, it is a confetti cannon of pride, and most of all, it is learning to own your own colliding supernova funk.

Co-Creators/ Performers Bedelia Lowrenčev and Jeremy Lowrenčev
Mentor/ Dramaturg Felicity Nicol
Cinematographer Lily Drummond
Sound Designer Riana Head-Toussaint
Producer PYT Fairfield – Gabriela Green Olea

At PYT Fairfield, 19 Harris Street Fairfield

Thursday 2 March 2023, 6.30pm
The Thursday event will be a workshop. The workshop is recommended for LGBTQIA+, D/deaf, Disabled and people from marginalised communities

Friday 3 March 2023, 6.30pm
The Friday event is a showing of Collision, plus panel discussion. Panel artists will discuss making queer work in Western Sydney.

Panellists L-R Najee Tannous, Kady Robinson, Jamaica Moana, Bianca Willoughby, Bina Bhattacharya, Liliana Occhiuto.

Najee Tannous (PYT Board, making a work at PYT)
Najée Tannous is a Lebanese-French creative director, movement architect, and storyteller with a decade of experience. His work spans across installation, immersive performance and contemporary dance

Kady Robinson (artist from SWP Stage Soldiers)
Kady Robinson (she/her) is a debuting performer, writer and theatremaker from Campbelltown. They graduated from UOW with a Bachelor of Creative Arts Theatre in 2017 and joined PYT Fairfield’s Ensemble program in 2019. 

Jamaica Moana (artist from SWP Pioneers)
Jamaica Moana is a Sydney-based artist, rapper, creative director and songwriter of Māori (Ngāpuhi/Tainui) and Samoan descent. As a multidisciplinary artist, she balances her professional career as a rapper & artist whilst being a leader & resident commentator of the Australian ballroom community.

Bianca Willoughby (collaborator SWP Stage Soldiers and Critial Path Lab artist)
Bianca Willoughby is a Sydney-based interdisciplinary transfeminine indigenous artist whose practice collaborates with artists and practitioners from various creative fields including dance, theatre, 3D and VR design, performance, costumes and textiles. 

Bina Bhattacharya (PYT producer)
Bina Bhattacharya is an award-winning filmmaker (Writer/Producer/Director) from Campbelltown in Sydney’s southwest. She is a writer for the feature film “Here Out West”  about the intersecting lives of Western Sydney’s migrant communities, and a writer/director for her upcoming dark suburban satire film, ‘From All Sides’.

Liliana Occhiuto (PYT Artist)
Liliana Occhiuto (A.K.A Okuesha Kills) is a Western Sydney-based sound artist who works across numerous artistic disciplines to create evocative and immersive pieces. Blending the sounds of electronica, progressive rock as well as the beauty in the sounds of everyday life, Liliana constantly works to create fully realised sonic visions fit for theatre, film, art shows, live performance and more.

$10 per person


Image description: Jeremy and Bedelia are dancing in front of a black screen, Jeremy sits on a chair in front of Bedelia who stands behind him. Both dancers are wearing a black shirt, and Bedlia is wearing pink pants.

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