Introducing “Culturevate” – A series of five vibrant cultural evenings at PYT Fairfield this Spring and Summer.

Join us to revel in the rich diversity of Fairfield City Region’s major cultural communities: South-East Asia, The Middle East, Southern & Eastern Europe, and Latin America. 

These events will showcase performances, art exhibitions, engaging workshops, as well as mouthwatering local/cultural cuisine. 

What sets Culturevate apart is that each evening is thoughtfully curated and led by young creatives from Western Sydney, with the support of PYT Fairfield. 

Don’t miss out on this ‘culturevating’ celebration of art, culture, and cuisine.

Event Dates:

First Nations – October 28, 2023
South East Asia – November 18, 2023
Middle East – December 2, 2023
Southern & Eastern Europe – January 20, 2024
Latin America – February 24, 2024

Stay tuned as we announce more information about each event and how to register.

The Middle East: ZEIT & ZA’ATAR

South East Asia: LUNAR LIGHTS

First Nations: BLAKOUT

This initiative is proudly supported by the NSW Government through the Culture Up Late Western Sydney program.