ENFLAME is an unannounced, guerrilla-style intervention for events, festivals, foyers, conferences & openings.

Constructed as a modular series of actions, ENFLAME deals with perceptions of cultural identity and the exclusion of young people from a refugee background.

Faced with young performers challenging the way in which they are exoticised by the art world, the audience is asked to consider the experience of being labelled and categorised, and how dominant white creative spaces can be exclusive.

Producers PYT Fairfield and Branch Nebula
Creators Branch Nebula in collaboration with the performers
Performers Ebube Uba, Cheng Tang, Lucia May and Cheryn Frost
Creative Consultant Karen Therese

Tour History
2018 – MCA
2018 – TNN Theatre Gathering

Image credit: Peta Addy