Khair (خير): An Omen, A Message, A Blessing
Three women stand around a woman sitting in the centre. The woman in the centre is looking at the camera, and the three women are looking and the woman sitting down. They are holding a pair of scissors and a broom

PYT Fairfield’s 2022 Ensemble and Company proudly present

Khair (خير): An Omen, A Message, A Blessing.

Azita and Sosan are in a rut. Long descended from ancient enchantresses, they now find their powers languishing while they await the arrival of their long-awaited “third” to round out their coven. Their hair salon in modern-day Fairfield, the last remnant of their mystical female healing practice, has seen better days. When the enigmatic Rania turns up in their salon straight out of prison, they wonder if she’s the chosen one foretold by the prophecy. But strange occurrences and disappearances around the salon suggest things are not what they seem…

A camp supernatural comedy by young artists from western Sydney that goes to the heart of why ethnic communities get their healing from the hair salon instead of the therapist’s office!

Performed and Devised by
Yvan Karezi, Helen Guiliana, Angela Johnston, Charnel Rizk, Olivia Xegas, Neda Taha and Tammy Dang.
Co-Directed by Bina Bhattacharya and Yvan Karezi

Duration: 45 minutes
Age: This event contains adult themes, offensive language and mild violence.

Creative Development History
2023 – PYT Fairfield

Image credit: Anna Kucera

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