Little Baghdad

Little Baghdad is a cross art form event developed in collaboration with the Iraqi – Australian community in Fairfield. 

Little Baghdad is an immersive Iraqi cultural experience that will transform PYT’s façade, gallery and theatre space into a Middle Eastern cultural Bazaar. Little Baghdad will become a celebration of Iraqi history and culture, traversing the ancient histories of Baghdad and its spice trades and markets to the complex wars that engulf the contemporary city of Baghdad. The work will examine how these histories have shaped and informed the lives and cultures of Iraqi Australians. 

Little Baghdad will be articulated through 3 distinct presentations:

1.The LONG TABLE: A series of live art Iraqi dinner party installations, engaging critical dialogue on current issues facing the Iraqi community, presented by The Hunting Party in collaboration with the LITTLE BAGHDAD artistic team.

2.LET’S PARTY LIKE IT’S 620BC: A immersive performance installation and party presented across 3 days and nights at PYT, incorporating professional and community presentations, ceremonies, performances and feasts culminating into one big Arabian dance party.
3.1001 NIGHTS IN FAIRFIELD: LITTLE BAGHDAD will continue as a contemporary art exhibition at Fairfield Museum and Gallery, the exhibition will run for three months including an opening night.

Artistic Team: Nicole Barakat, Zanny Begg, Bashar Hanna and the Choir of Love, Zahra Alsamawi, Oliver Slewa, Diego Bonnetto, Province, Sean Bacon, Victoria Spence, Hatham Jaju and the Parent Cafe, Karen Therese and Jiva Parthapan

Partners: STARTTS, The Assyrian Resource Centre, Fairfield City Council, Fairfield Museum and Gallery, Fairfield High School.

Little Baghdad is proudly supported by the Australia Council’s Community Parternships Board.

Click here to watch the Little Baghdad first stage development Long Table

For more information please view the links below:

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