Little Big Dreams is a fun, poppy, and vibrant musical… Envision, ‘Turning Red’ meets ‘High School Musical’ meets ‘In The Heights’.

Meet Summer and Benny, second-generation university kids who have a different relationship with dreams and competing responsibilities to their families. After accidentally stumbling across a new theatre competition, they gang up with some of their old high school drama mates to pull together a fun show one last time. However, not all is well at home. Summer’s new “hobby” begins to clash with her parent’s expectations and Benny is struggling to balance his family responsibilities and this new show. Will they manage to pull through and put on a play in time? Or will everything go back to the way it was? 

Written by Tammy Dang and Benjamin La. 

What is a table read?

A table read is an important stage of any narrative production where the reading of a script is conducted around a table by actors. This provides an opportunity for the creatives to hear the script out loud before completing a script ready for presentation. 

When: Friday April 12, 2024 at 6.00PM – 8.00PM

Where: PYT Fairfield – 19 Harris Street, Fairfield NSW 2165

Duration: 2 Hours

Tickets are free. However, registrations are essential. Please join us after the table read for light refreshments.

The YOUTH WEEK AT PYT program is only possible with the generous support of Fairfield City Council and the NSW Office for Youth through the Youth Opportunities grant.