Playwave for PYT Young People

Playwave is an initiative created by Shopfront Arts Co-op, with a mission to connect Young People with the best of Sydney’s arts and culture. Playwave members gain access to an exciting mix of theatre, dance, music, film, visual art and more with discounted tickets and VIP events, creating connections between its members and the arts, through immersive online and curated in real life experiences.

Our membership platform is designed for and informed by Young People to give them a safe place to engage with the arts and each other. We recently announced an age increase for the program, with our membership now extending to 24 to allow emerging artists and tertiary-aged Young People to join Playwave. We’d love to invite the Young People in your community to connect with us in a few different ways:

  • By signing up to Playwave. It is free to become a member and open to Young People aged 15 – 24.
  • By showcasing their creative skills as part of Playwave Creative, our team of Young People who love writing, filmmaking, performing, or storytelling of any kind.
  • By following us on Social Media – Instagram / Facebook

More information about the program can be found here.