PICKLED (بيكلد) Belvoir St Theatre 25A season

Were you there for our sold-out work-in-development season of Pickled (بيكلد)? If not, don’t worry, because Pickled (بيكلد) is back with its OFFICIAL PREMIERE as part of Belvoir Theatre’s 25a season!

About Pickled (بيكلد)

“So this is it? What are we supposed to do with this?”

إذن هذا هو؟ ما الذي يفترض بنا أن نفعل مع هذا؟

Sammy and Yousef sit across from each other at a kitchen table covered with yellow damask cloth. If dealing with their mother’s death wasn’t hard enough, trying to work out why a jar of pickles would be an appropriate thing to leave your two bereaved sons definitely is.

Pickled (بيكلد) is an Arab-Australian work about the experience of queer second-generation migrants preserving their histories. Part participatory, part theatre, this show is an ode to Australia’s diverse tapestry of culture and opportunity; it takes us through powerful recipes of home and mixes them in with ideas of creating a new life.

20 August to 8 September 2024

Belvoir St Theatre
Downstairs Theatre

Concept and Story Created by Najee Tannous
Story Created and Directed by Hayden Tonazzi  
Story Created and Directed by May Yousif 
Story Created by Antony Makhlouf 
Performed by Najee Tannous and Antony Makhlouf
Collaborator Francesco Pelli 
Movement Dramaturg Martin del Amo 
Cultural Dramaturg
 Alissar Chidiac and Hussein Khahil (Arab Theatre Studio)
Lighting Designer Elyse Drenth
Composer & Sound Designer Chryseoula Markoulli
Set Designer Soham Apte
Produced by 
PYT Fairfield, Gabriela Green