PIONEERS Presented by Blacktown Arts

Following a pumping premiere at Art & About, PIONEERS heads back to Western Sydney for its next season at Blacktown Arts. Watch the team take-over with their origin story told through their exceptional dance moves. 

PIONEERS brings young queer and culturally diverse Western-Sydney artists together to explore dance, activism, and identity through the contemporary social, psychological, and physical relationships with public space. As the artists from PIONEERS claim their space and time, they will bring you a dance to reinvigorate and reinforce optimism, freedom and reclaim the beauty and urgency of young people’s survival in the 21st century. With love and dedication to dance–second to none–The Pioneers are Australia’s bravest dance crew. 

15, 16 March 2024

The Leo Kelly, Blacktown Arts Centre
Carpark Entry through Campbell Street


Choreographer Eliam Royalness
Choreographic Support Larissa McGowan
Performer/Devisors Jamaica Moana, Neda Taha, Rennard Velasco, Roseleen Velasco, Eliam Royalness 
Music Jamaica Moana
Visual Artist Feras Shaheen
Lighting Design/Production Manager Elyse Drenth
Dramaturg Nick Power
Producer PYT Fairfield – Gabriela Green Olea/Olivia Xegas

Image Credit – Feras Shaheen