Four dancers in various poses wearing colourful sports gear. They are outdoors,

In partnership with Western-Sydney megacrew, The Pioneers, PIONEERS is PYT Fairfield’s new major dance work. 

PIONEERS bring young queer and CALD Western-Sydney artists together to explore dance, activism and identity through the contemporary social, psychological and physical relationships they have with public space. 

PIONEERS is currently in development.

Director Eliam Royalness
Performers / Devisors Jamaica Moana, Neda Taha, Rennard Velasco, Roseleen Maano and Eliam Royalness
Music Jamaica Moana
Visual Artist Feras Shaheen
Mentor / Dramaturg Nick Powers
Choreographic Support Larissa McGowan
Lighting Designer Elyse Drenth
Creative Producer PYT Fairfield, Gabriela Green Olea

Development History
2023 – Crescent Plaza, Fairfield (as part of Sydney WorldPride)
2022 – PYT Fairfield
2021 – PYT Fairfield
2020 – PYT Fairfield

PIONEERS is proudly supported by the Australian Council for the Arts and the NSW Government through Create NSW.

Image credit: Anna Kucera