Pitches and Tea

Pitches and Tea is PYT’s brand new community program for young and/or emerging local artists to drop in and “test” and “pitch” their creative ideas-in-progress in a professional setting.

The event aims to partner local artists with Sydney-wide established creatives and creative organisations to offer creative development of their idea. This creative development will see local work from young makers be realised and delivered in venues, galleries and screens across the city or globe.

One pitch will be chosen for further development as part of a pitches and tea residency program. The residency program will include in-kind venue and producing support, plus cash to go towards wages and equipment.

Session 1, Artist Bio’s:

Varuna Naicker

Varuna Naicker is a writer and director that showcases diverse narratives which have freedom, edginess, and authenticity. She is a Fijian-Indian writer from Penrith, immigrating to Australia when her parents moved from Fiji in 1999. Some of her interests include exploring intergenerational family evolution and concepts of individualism vs. community. Common themes in their work include immigrant experiences, family, female relationships, and exploring diaspora communities in Australia. She is a writer for Sweatshop Literacy Movement, and Storycasters, and has a Bachelor of Communications (majoring in Media Arts and Production/Social and Political Science) from the University of Technology, Sydney. Currently, Varuna is a participant in the ATYP Cultivate Program learning dramaturgy. 

Yvan Karezi

Yvan Karezi is a Kurdish-Australian Actor and multi-disciplinary Artist. In her work, Yvan is particularly fascinated with exploring the nuances of human expression, focusing on themes of the lived ‘real life’ human experience, as well as the human condition in abstract or fantastical settings. She is inspired by history, mythology, the natural world, fantasy and fictional creations. Yvan is a firm believer that artistic expression can be found everywhere and anywhere, and should be accessible to everyone

Tammy Dang

Tammy is a theatre-maker and film-maker, who is currently finishing up her Laws and Media (Screen and Sound Production) degrees at UNSW and has an artist-residency with PYT for her musical theatre show. She was awarded with the Mayor’s Award for Youth Creative Artist (2023) for her creative commitment in film and theatre including; creating short films, commercial and music videos; 2nd-unit directing a feature film; producing films and events and; devising, acting, and stage-managing theatre shows including ‘Action Star’ which toured to the OzAsia festival in Adelaide.

Jarrod Duffy

Jarrod is a writer, filmmaker and a proud christian and Ngarabal man with a passion to create meaningful art that speaks to his connection to country. Jarrod directed and edited a documentary in highschool in 2013 called the ‘Koori Club Outing’ and in his spare time loves writing short stories and screenplays. 

Benjamin La

Benjamin La is an emerging film and theatre-maker, leveraging his degree in Psychological Science from UNSW to construct character-driven stories that explore the complexities of family and romance. Having come from a traditional writing background, he has written both works of fiction and nonfiction, with his essay “In Defence of the Christmas Beetle” being published later this year as part of an anthology under StoryFactory and is currently co-writing a musical theatre show exploring dreams. 


Terence Nguyen

Terence Nguyen, a vibrant live event host and master of ceremonies, has become a shining star in the entertainment industry, captivating audiences across Sydney, and beyond. With his magnetic presence and charismatic stage persona, Terence has made a name for himself as an extraordinary host and an accomplished actor having landed roles on the ‘The Last Kings Of The Cross’ on Paramount Plus, and more recently an Untitled Rom-Com starring Glen Powell & Sydney Sweeney shot here in Sydney. He has become well known as ‘The Man With The Mic, showing versatility as a host extending to various domains, including weddings, corporate gatherings, and charity events

Tickets for the general public are now available for our first Pitches & Tea event.

Event Details:
When: Thursday, August 10, 6.00pm – 9.00pm
Where: PYT Fairfield – 19 Harris Street, Fairfield NSW 2165
Cost: Free, limited spots available

Pitches and Tea is made possible by the generous support of Mounties.