Transcending time zones, lockdown restrictions and filmed by each artist using just their mobiles, Playlist Bersama explores the lived experience of young women across two distinct cultures and all that they have in common.

Throughout May 2020, during the peak of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, Playlist Bersama brought together 12 artists and performers from across Australia and Indonesia to collaborate on the production of a brand new video work.

Direction/Choreography Larissa McGowen
Co-Devisors & Performers Ningrum Syaukat, Rummana Yamanie, Kartika Jahja, Ebube Uba, Mara Knezevic, Tasha O’Brien, May Tran, Neda Taha, Larissa McGowen with Kate Armstrong Smith and Karen Therese.
Editor Kate Blackmore
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We asked the artists to tell us what they took out of the experience and here is what they said:

Despite the physical distance, I grew very close to Tika, Rummana and Ningrum and listening to their stories and experiences deeply impacted and enriched my perspective on female artists.
Mara Knezevic (Performer, Australia)

Working with an all-female team is already phenomenal, but for me, being able to learn from older, more experienced South-East Asian artists was beyond rewarding, beyond words.
May Tran (Performer, Australia)

We need to be sensitive to and listen openly to other cultures as people have different lived experiences and we can’t expect people to react to things in the same way we do when we’ve all had different upbringings and different values instilled in us.
Tasha O’Brien (Performer, Australia)

It was a mind opening for me to hear from women with various cultural backgrounds. It was not just a project, it was a knowledgeable place and one place that I didn’t fear being myself.
Ningrum Syaukat (Performer, Indonesia)

It has brought to light the truth behind the vulnerabilities we hold quietly and validated the need to connect and discuss with women of all cultures, backgrounds and experiences.
Larissa McGowan (Choreographer, Australia)

Bersama translates to together, or ‘in collaboration’. I want people to see the creative and emotional bond between these women, despite us being oceans apart and isolated from one another.
Kartika Jahja (Performer, Indonesia)

Playlist Bersama is an international partnership between PYT Fairfield (Australia) and the BERSAMA Foundation (Indonesia).

PYT Fairfield is proudly supported by the Australian Council for the Arts and the NSW Government through Create NSW.

Image Credit: Film Still from Playlist Bersama