PYT Fairfield’s Lockdown Survival Guide

So, Lockdown 2.0 continues. We’re all back in our homes, in isolation, and so comes the flood of digital entertainment and activities to keep us all sane. But it’s overwhelming sometimes, and many of us are already feeling an impact on our mental health and wellbeing. 

So here’s PYT’s recommendations for content that will keep the positive vibes flowing.

We’ve also got a list of resources for financial and housing support too. Scroll down for more.

Let’s Get Physical!

Grumble Boogie

Who said lockdown couldn’t be fun? Thank your body and boogie with Betty Grumble every morning at 10am on twitch.

Click HERE to get your boogie on.

Free Yoga/Gentle Exercise – Fairfield Women

Ladies, pull out your favourite yoga pants because Fairfield Women’s Health Service is hosting a series of gentle yoga exercises for July – August.

Register HERE.

PYT’s Feel Good Playlist

What gets you moving? In Lockdown 2.0 we asked our staff and artists to send their favourite uplifting songs.

Jam with us HERE.

Meditation & Mental Health

Iso-somatic Sessions – Dance Makers Collective

Iso-somatic Sessions is a series of short meditations led by some of Australia’s best movement practitioners, designed to be taken with headphones on, in your own time, in the comfort of your own home.

Download a session HERE.

Morning Meditation with Esky

For the early risers, start your morning right. Join Esky every Mon-Fri at 6am on Insta Live for a guided meditation session.

Start your early mornings HERE

Inspo Nights hosted by The Western

Let’s talk Mental Health. If there was ever a more important time to take care of yourself it’s now. Join counsellors Laura Ranola and Esky every Wednesday at 7.30pm on Insta Live and learn about ways to manage your mental well-being.

Let’s talk about Mental Health, Baby! Right HERE

Develop a new skill

Street Uni Live
Free podcast, art and exercise workshops via the Street University app. Download the app to get started.

More Info

Writing Workshop

Join a free writing workshop from our friends at Story Factory – Don’t have internet? Story Factory offers SIMS and data for you to participate.

More Info

Make New Friends

Over 18’s Zoom Hangout

Participate Australia is running a range of zoom hangouts to support all abilities individual’s and their families during lockdown with a range of fun activities over the weekend. Register via contact details below.
P: 9799 4333

15-20 year old Zoom Hangout

Join Ladder Step up Sydney for a game of Trivia, Value sessions and an online fitness class.

More Info 

Unfortunately for some of us, Lockdown poses a situation where our basic needs are not being met. If you’re in need of food, money, shelter or mental health support please find information on important services below. 

We’ve compiled your needs under two categories: Physiological and Safety. Click on the links to be directed to more information.

We recognise this is a tough time for south-west Sydney. Stay safe, stay connected and seek help.

If you or anyone you know needs help please contact Headspace Australia or Lifeline 13 11 14.

Image Credits and Descriptions

Image 1

Credit: Courtesy of Betty Grumble, taken by Oliver Thompson
Description: Betty Grumble is dressed in a white baggy shirt with her logo on it, dark leggings with fluffy ankle socks and a fluffy thick headpiece. She is doing various boogie poses in a black and white collage featuring nine images.

Image 2

Credit: taken from Dance Makers Collective Website – Miranda Wheen. Image by Ashley McLellan
Description: Black and white image, Miranda Wheen’s back is to the camera, they are wearing a singlet with their hands behind their head.

Image 3

Credit: taken from @the.western Instagram account – Inspo Nights
Description: Black and white collage, two headshots – Laura Nola is on the left, she is wearing black overalls over a dark sweater and has her hand on her cheek. Esky is on the right side, he is wearing a white t-shirt and has glasses on. In the bottom middle there is some text in bubble pink ‘INSPO NIGHTS’ and below it in smaller white text it says, ‘INSTAGRAM LIVE WEDNESDAY 7:30PM’

Image 4

Credit: taken from Street University website
Image Description: black and white image, there are eight cartoon characters, four on the right and three on the left. In the middle there is text, ‘THE STREET UNIVERSITY’ is in block white text and below it inside a yellow border reads, ‘Live’ written in running white writing.