Image Credit: Sarah Anstee

PYT welcomes Charnel Rizk, 2022 Ensemble Alumni awarded the Lansdowne Scholarship 2023, a week long residency at PYT Fairfield in 2023 where she will have the opportunity to create a new work.

Charnel Rizk was also awarded a 2022 Ensemble micro-commission in which she used her funds to record her debut single.

Charnel Rizk is a Lebanese-Australian, actress, singer/songwriter and writer. Charnel is a dedicated storyteller using her experiences in life to shape her craft, on stage and screen. With years of vocal and acting training, she is a driven artist. Inspired by the environment and culture around her she incorporates this in her craft. She aims on breaking the barriers women of colour face in the creative world and enjoys exploring different characters and perceptions. Charnel has been a part of a range of film, television and commercial projects. In the last year Charnel has begun creating a range of music demos, which she hopes to release by the end of 2022. 

Watch Charnel deliver the outcomes of her residency titled Will She?

Friday 29 September
Registrations not required.
PYT Fairfield

The PYT Lansdowne Scholarship is made possible by the generosity of the Lansdowne Foundation