Sydney Opera House and TRANSMEDIUM, MISC Workshops

Brought to you by the Sydney Opera House and TRANSMEDIUM, MISC. is a free monthly
multidisciplinary workshop program specifically designed for LGBTQIA+SB teens and their friends!
Every single workshop will be entirely different from the next – the only constant is the intention for
this space to be for queer youth to express themselves and connect. Prepare to make some new
friends and learn from some older kids on the block.

Upcoming workshops include:

PRODUCING with Claud Bailey (Saturday, 15 June 2024)
Do you have an idea for an queer arts project or community event but you’re not really sure how
to do it?! Well this workshop is for you! Join Claud Bailey (program producer & event producer for
Wear it Purple) as they walk you through the steps on how to pull off a project with impact, from
brainstorming to boring logistics (budgeting) to how to reach your audience! Whether you’ve got a
zine, panel or music event – come along to this workshop and learn the skills to get your project up
and shining!

DRAG with Barbi Ghanoush (Saturday, 20 July 2024)
When you strip away the sequins, the wigs, and the glitter, what really makes a drag artist? Join
drag queen Barbi Ghanoush in this full-day workshop where you’ll delve into queer performance
histories and drag subcultures to help you crystallise your drag identity! You’ll explore the artistry
of drag through movement, collaboration, and craft to find power and community as a drag
performer and artist.

PERFORMANCE with Zoe Terakes (Saturday, 31 August 2024)
Join Zoe Terakes (from ‘Talk to Me’ and ‘Wentworth’) for an immersive acting masterclass. This
workshop isn’t just about learning the basics of performance; it’s about fully embodying your
queerness in your art. Through a blend of scene work and individual monologue exploration, you’ll
learn to authentically inhabit your role and infuse your performance with the essence of your unique
identity. Get ready to forge deep connections with yourself and your community in a truly meaningful

To find out more and to sign up, head to the website now!