The PYT pipeline

Have you ever wondered how the PYT Fairfield pipeline works? How do you go from community and pre-professional creative applications to developing a new live performance work, and then to a premiere (or tour!)?

Throughout the year, PYT Fairfield announces several residency opportunities for young, emerging, and local artists to develop ideas and works for a live performance outcome. Along with residencies, the Ensemble and Pilots programs offer artists a chance to build their acting and performance-making skills.

PYT also presents opportunities for artists and a community of art lovers to connect through community programming. Whatever the reason, there is always a chance to connect with PYT Fairfield and plant seeds.

Below you’ll find a list of upcoming opportunities that might help you decide the best way to learn more about performance-making or sink your teeth into a residency or development.


PYT offers FREE drop-in classes during school term. PILOTS drama classes are for anyone, ages 14 to 17 years, with any level of experience. Pilots who complete high school will naturally progress onto the Ensemble program.

The below opportunities are for young people 18-28 who partake in our Ensemble program.


The PYT Ensemble are a selective group that meets weekly (Monday morning) throughout the first half of the year to gain intensive skills development in performance and multi-disciplinary making. The group participates in a six month program of workshops and masterclasses led by experienced artists and arts professionals and attends industry events. Several Ensemble members are then selected at the end of the six-month intensive period to continue onto PYT’s new Company program.

Ensemble applications for 2023 have now closed. Keep an eye out for next year’s Ensemble call-out in January 2024.


Company is a new PYT program that takes a select number of Ensemble members and invites them to create a live performance work to showcase at PYT Fairfield. The 2022 Company presented an the early-stage development of their new work KHair (click here for more details). Company participants will also travel to an interstate festival to gain knowledge and experience from some of the industry’s most significant makers.

The PYT Company was announced in June 2023. See their new work Tuan’s Party, which will premiere on 8 December, 2023.


Each year, members of the Ensemble and Company programs will be given an opportunity to apply for “micro-commissions”. A micro-commission is a small amount of funding (less than $1,000) to go towards devising a small project idea. The opportunities are endless. Previous applicants have used the funds to create short films, write a short script, undertake a photo shoot, purchase costumes, and more.

Lansdowne Scholarship

Each year one Ensemble member is awarded the Lansdowne Scholarship. The Lansdowne Scholarship is a $2,500 fee that supports one artist in a week-long residency. The residency could include the artist’s wage, a mentor or support person, equipment, or anything that supports the artist in developing a new work.

Click on the link to meet this year’s Lansdowne Scholarship recipients.

The Lansdowne Scholarship is proudly supported by the Lansdowne Foundation.

Artist-in-Residence EOI

Emerging and Western Sydney Artists will be able to apply for a $5,000 residency at PYT Fairfield for one week to generate, develop and workshop their creative ideas. Applications for this year’s EOI are now closed.

Be sure to sign up to our e-news and socials to find out when our next EOI opens.

March Dance Residency

In 2023, PYT gave one artist an opportunity to be part of March Dance. The Artist received almost $3,000 worth of funding to go towards the development of their new dance work as well as a week-long residency at PYT during the month of March.

Click here to see this year’s March Dance recipient

Pitches and Tea

Have you ever wondered if your idea sounds good or needs more work? Pitches and Tea is an open scratch night, where western Sydney artists and creatives gather to flesh out their creative ideas and aspirations. Ten emerging artists are paid $600 to pitch their ideas to other creatives for constructive feedback.

One idea was selected by our Creative Producer panel for an artist residency.

The 2023 Pitches & Tea Artist in Residence is Tison Brown

Pitches and Tea is proudly funded by Mounties

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The best way to hear about our upcoming residency opportunities is to join our PYT newsletter or contact one of our creative producers here.