The Sorceress’ Secret: Escape Room

A part of Fairfield City Council’s Culinary Carnival, PYT’s Ensemble is holding a FREE escape room – join them to uncover the mysteries of The Sorceress’ Secret.

An old king has lost his magical ancient relic which gives him the power to reign over his kingdom. The Sorceress claims this relic belonged to her ancestors and was stolen by a vengeful king who desired the power and fortune it would bring to him and his kingdom.

But some say the Sorceress tricked the King’s son to relinquish the relic, telling of a prophecy that the evil genie this relic contains would one day destroy their kingdom.

The Sorceress soon realises that the relic cannot be unlocked by her, and instead there are chosen ones who can unlock this relic and restore power to whomever they deem to be the rightful owner of this relic.

You are the chosen ones of legend and it falls to you to solve this mystery and command the secrets of the relic. Who lies? Who tells the truth? Who will you aid?


WHEN: 15 minute sessions from 12pm-6:30pm, Saturday 28th May 2022
WHERE: Behind Crescent Plaza, 51-61 The Crescent, Fairfield NSW 2165
PRICE: Admission is FREE and no registration required – just turn up!

Image description: An image of a majestic ancient palace blends into an image with a woman with brown eyes gazing into a crystal ball as she holds her hands against it. She is illuminated by fairy lights, as the crystal ball sits on a table with a red cloth and brass key next to it.