The Violence Project

The Violence Project is presented by PYT in association with SWEATSHOP Western Sydney Literacy Movement.

The Violence Project fuses verbatim texts written by local young people with video installation and choreography.

Working with young people from our region, The Violence Project investigated the growing incidents of violence and crime within our neighbourhoods. The spike in media reports of recent violent attacks in Western Sydney necessitated an exploration of the mechanics of violence in our society, sanctioned or unsanctioned, its underlying, pervasive causes and its repercussions. Discussions with young people, schools and stakeholders told us that there is a strong need to publicly explore and attempt to make sense of the ways that violence explodes in our communities. Also young people from this region were keen to challenge and subvert their own over representation regarding some of these issues within the media.

Since August 2012 the project began with a writing workshop program, working with several schools in Western Sydney, exploring and developing some of these issues with local youth. The project incorporated writings from local young people created through in-school as well as out of school writing residencies, facilitated by professional writers from the Western Sydney Writing and Society Research Centre, with the assistance of the NSW Service for the Treatment and Rehabilitation of Torture and Trauma Survivors (STARTTS).

Produced by Powerhouse Youth Theatre, in association with Sweatshop: Western Sydney Literacy Movement.  Directed by Jonnie Leahy. Dramaturg: Donna Abela.  Assistant Director/Writing consultant: Andy Ko.  Sound Design: David K. Kirkpatrick Choreography: Linda Luke. Gallery installation: Patrick Hansen. Featuring: Amanda Sullo, Angela Tran, Joseph Carbone, David Robertts, Adham Al Msodny, and Justin Kilic.