Top 10 things that happened at PYT in 2019

PLAYLIST at Sydney Opera House
Image Credit: Daniel Boud

1. PLAYLIST was presented at the Sydney Opera House for Festival UnWrapped to acclaim and full houses.

2. PLAYLIST was PYT’s third show at the SYDNEY OPERA HOUSE in less than 4 years, the only small-to-medium theatre company in the country to achieve this.

3. We facilitated a 12 week women’s Weaving project and exhibition with our local, First Nations elders and the local Iraqi women’s group – and it was beautiful and amazing.

4. 2019 saw the most dedicated, proactive and biggest PYT Ensemble ever. They independently produced two shows one for Sydney Fringe and one presented at PYT Fairfield.

2019 PYT Ensemble 
Image Credit: Alex Wisser

5. Best and most attended PILOTS program ever in 2019

6. In 2019 PYT employed and trained 8 co-pilots to teach performing arts in local high schools.

7. PYT toured around Australia for the first time with JUMP FIRST ASK LATER produced by Performing Lines.

8. PYT staff extended from 4 to 5 people – 2 full time and 3 part-time, with a new Company Manager position held by the amazing Alice Hatton.

9. FUNPARK after 6 years is still going and is now run by Daisy Montalvo who 7 years ago was a high school student and participant of the first FUNPARK – and now runs the joint!

10. PYT started a really critically amazing and transformative partnership with the Parramatta Female Factory Precinct.

Women of Parramatta, Long Table 2019
Image Credit: Cass Hannagan

11. (We’ve added one more point because that’s what we do at PYT) We had 5 new works in development including our major work ACTION STAR with Maria Tran, Dorr-E Dari with Mahdi Mohammadi and Jawad Yacoubi, Carpet Stories by Najee Tannous and Showreel by Jackson Stewart and we made a show in a god damn swimming pool for the Cementa Festival in Kandos directed by Tessa Leong.

And THAT was 2019!!!!!!

Written by
Karen Therese
Artistic Director