Top Ten Best Things for PYT in 2020

1. PLAYLIST / BERSAMA – Even though we lost our PLAYLIST tour, we gained six collaborators and friends from Indonesia. We engaged in an online collaboration with Bersama Jakarta and created a beautiful music video. 

2.  2020 ENSEMBLE – surviving the apocalypse because of Donna Abela’s seven week RESILIENCE AND DEVOTIONAL arts practice workshop on ZOOM during NSW’s toughest Covid-19 restriction period.

3. Dorr-e Dari: A Poetic Crash Course in the Language of Love was announced as part of the 2021 Sydney Festival – Buy your tickets HERE!

4.  We hired a new full time ProducerLouisa Minutillo – a Virgo and the perfect compliment to our team.

5.  FUNPARK produced a kick-ass eight-week digital festival supporting artists and the community of Mt Druitt.

6. Three new residency projects by PYT Artists – Bedelia Lowrencev & Jeremy Lowrencev, Josipa Draisma & Mara Knezevic and Keith Robinson presented two live developments showings to an intimate audience.

7.  Action star – Rebooted! For the first time PYT live-streamed our showing.

8.  PYT started a new major project the PIONEERS – stay tuned for more news on this work in 2021!

9.  PYT was able to secure four-year funding, locking in our short and long term future …phew! 

10. PYT Hub – We turned our studio space into an artist’s hub, so now PYT artists can hang for as long as they like; hot desks, micro cinema experiences, or just creative couch time – we got you! 

Written by
Karen Therese
Artistic Director.

Image Credit: Anna Kucera