Tuân’s Party

Not all parties are fun…

An exciting new Australian play devised and performed by the PYT Fairfield Company 2023

Election Night, May 2022. Lettuce costs $11 a head. Kate Bush’s “Running Up that Hill’ is having a surprise resurgence. Newlyweds Tuân and Natalia are having their first guests in their new home in St John’s Park since the pandemic – their childhood best friend Kevin, who’s been putting in hours at Kristina Kenneally’s campaign, and his girlfriend Nadine. As the night goes on and local candidate Dai Le looks set to win the seat of Fowler from the Labor Party, tensions emerge, skeletons are revealed and the friendship of these four young people will be put to the test. 

Inspired by “Don’s Party”. Devised and performed by the PYT Fairfield 2023 Company.  


Natalia: Sarah Gattellari
Tuân: Terence Nguyen
Nadine: Charnel Rizk
Kevin: Rennard Velasco

Directed by Neda Taha
Assistant Director Kobra Sayyadi
Producers Tammy Dang & Olivia Xegas
Written by Kobra Sayyadi & Bina Bhattacharya with Tammy Dang, Sarah Gattellari, Terence Nguyen, Charnel Rizk, Neda Taha, Rennard Velasco and Olivia Xegas.
With dramaturgical support from Donna Abela. 


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